Prenatal Massage Therapy @ The Urban Spa (Video)

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THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT PRENATAL MASSAGE Congratulations! You’re having a baby after nine calendar months filled with happiness and anticipation of the new one. However, motherhood can also add stress to your system leading to new aches and pains. Consider prenatal massage as a sensible way to alleviate your discomfort. Prenatal therapeutic massage works to […]

Pain FREE Gardening is there such a thing?

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With the summer quickly approaching, it’s time for gardeners to get outside and start working on their yards. Many people love to spend their weekends gardening, especially as the weather warms up. Unfortunately, after going a long winter without using those muscles in your hands and arms, you may feel some muscle pain or tension. […]

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3 Ways To Avoid Injuries

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As the weather changes, many of us are out there being active in various forms (hiking, gardening, lawn care, sports, yard clean up, biking…) and this leads to muscles tightness and sore bodies for all of us. The Urban Spa is doing it’s part by doing a massive education campaign on Massage Therapy Peterborough and […]

Stretching with Stuart- The Urban Spa Peterborough

Stretching with Stuart #001

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Special Offer: Stuart and Jessica are currently offering an amazing Massage Therapy Sampler – click here for detail The RMT’s on our team have brought it to our attention that the majority of our massage guests are coming in because of tension and pain in the neck and shoulders. This can be caused by many […]

Buy One Get One 50% OFF

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Two day’s only! For Saturday February 13th, reserve any of our Pedicures Experiences and get the second one for 50% OFF so you can bring either that special someone or a friend! For Sunday February 14th, reserve any Manicure Experience and get 50% OFF the second experience as well. To book this amazing offer, you can visit […]

The Award Winning Urban Spa Peterborough

The Award Winning Urban Spa

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This past week, Peterborough This Week published their “Readers’ Select Awards” and The Urban Spa team was so thrilled to be voted in not one..not two..not three.. but FOUR different awards!! This is such an honour and we would like to give a sincere thank you to all of our wonderful guests who took the […]

Pre-Black Friday Event (AKA: Excuse to party…)

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Let us begin by saying this will sell out… that’s the bad news.  **Very Limited Quantity**   For Black Friday this year, we’re following Urban Spa tradition and doing it the weekend BEFORE the craziness of the actual Black Friday. This is AWESOME news for you because you will get to participate in an great Urban […]

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Use It Or Loose It (Your Massage Therapy Coverage)

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It’s that time of year again! Time to use up the remainder of your massage benefits before you loose them. It would be a real shame to let your coverage go to waste, especially with such talented RMT’s right in your community. The Urban Spa has four amazing Registered Massage Therapists who all vibe off […]

The Urban Spa is Perceptional

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The Urban Spa is planting its feet firmly in the sand and stating it’s purpose for all to see. What we do is so unique, we had to invent a word: PERCEPTIONAL Perceptional is defined as a Personal and Exceptional Spa Experience. That’s what The Urban Spa stands for. There are 3 components to our […]