The Award Winning Urban Spa

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The Award Winning Urban Spa Peterborough

This past week, Peterborough This Week published their “Readers’ Select Awards” and The Urban Spa team was so thrilled to be voted in not one..not two..not three.. but FOUR different awards!! This is such an honour and we would like to give a sincere thank you to all of our wonderful guests who took the time to vote for the services we provide, and some of our amazing service providers personally 🙂

Manicure/Pedicure/Facial- Urban Spa PeterboroughThe Urban Spa received the Platinum Award for Manicures, Pedicures and Facials! We work hard to provide our guests with a wide range of options for all of our esthetic services, including our Seasonal Services that rotate every couple months. This allows our guests the ability to experience interesting new service options that can be received individually or together as a package! Stay tuned for our newest seasonal options, to be announced soon 🙂


For the first time, The Urban Spa received an award for the Hair Removal category! We are so pleased to have been given the Gold Award for Hair Removal and delighted to know how pleased our guests are with the services we are providing.


Special shout outs go to Esthetician, Jennifer Cowey and Registered Massage Therapist, Cole Leptick!Jennifer Cowey- Urban Spa Peterborough

Jennifer was honoured with the Platinum Award for best Esthetican. This truly speaks to the wonderful relationships that she has built with the guests that come to visit her for a variety of different services. Jennifer always has a smile on her face and chats up a storm with her guests as she loves their company. She always gives 110% in all of the services that she performs and that is reflected in her Platinum Award.



Cole Leptick- urban Spa PeterboroughCole Leptick received the Diamond Award for Massage Therapist which is an outstanding honour! Cole provides the exact treatment that his guests need while delivering a relaxing environment for them to escape in. His guest list keeps him booked, sometimes two or three weeks in advance and new clients are always being referred to experience his level of excellence.



Both Jennifer and Cole deserve a round of applause for their amazing work and excellence! They would both like to thank their guests for thinking of them in the Readers Select Awards and look forward to all upcoming visits at The Urban Spa.

Thank you Peterborough 🙂

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