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The Urban Spa is Peterborough’s European Inspired boutique spa that delivers exceptional service in an urban and exquisite atmosphere. We are not a big spa where you are just a number, we are boutique and we take the time to get to know each one of our guests with a caring attitude and we provide a genuine service.

The company’s philosophy is “It’s Time For A Change” and we mean it. The Urban Spa’s atmosphere is not your typical spa, our atmosphere is engaging and energizing. Located on the main floor of a beautiful historic building in the most historic parts of Peterborough (East City) The Urban Spa will be known for its ability to deliver exceptional service in an engaging and energizing atmosphere! 

The Urban Spa doesn’t try to compete, it sets a new standard of service and caring. It’s Time For A Change!

From the moment you walk through the door you will understand you are not just a number. You will feel at ease, relaxed and safe in our boutique atmosphere. We are cutting-edge with online booking as well as mobile booking apps.

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