How to Keep your skin healthy (under that mask)

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  How to Keep your skin healthy under that mask… Due to Covid-19, it is now mandatory to wear a mask in public but this has caused all kinds of skin issues for both teens and adults! Mandatory masks will most likely be in place for the near future so here is some tips, tricks and […]

Have a Chat with Mia!

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Over the past months, we at Urban Spa have been thinking to ourselves, “if we are offering an award-winning stress-free experience in Peterborough, shouldn’t we continue innovating our reservation system to reflect that?” We’re pleased to announce that we have done just that with the help of our newest ‘Urbanator’ Mia! Mia is the The […]

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We’re Re-Opening Online Booking

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Oh my, it’s been an amazing few weeks. One month ago we re-opened our Massage Therapy services and then two weeks ago we opened hair and some esthetics services (everything except services related to the face such as facials or face waxing including brows (sad face 😔). We are keeping our fingers crossed the Government […]

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Mother’s Day Has Arrived – We Can Help!

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With all things Corona Virus and COVID19 it kind of feels like Mother’s Day has snuck up on us this year. There are a few things to consider because COVID19 has complicated Mother’s Day. Stress at home is higher than ever right now and people need to find new ways to de-stress and relax Kids […]

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COVID19 Product Packages Now Available

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We miss you all terribly. It’s been almost a month since The Urban Spa closed its doors for COVID19 quarantine and it hasn’t been easy for anyone. We sincerely hope you are hanging in there and when it is safe to do so, we will be there to serve you and get everyone looking & […]

Covid19 Update – Normal Operation

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The Urban Spa in Peterborough is continuing normal operations with normal business hours. We truly hope you are well in this stressful time. At heart, our spa family’s priority has always been to provide you and your family with a safe space where you feel free to escape the pressures of day-to-day life and focus […]

007 Anniversary Lucky Draw Promotion

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Service Promotion For the entire week of March 15th to the 21st the Urban Spa in Peterborough is celebrating its 7th anniversary and you will reap those rewards. The following reservations will earn you 17% back on a promotional gift card. This means that you will get a BONUS 17% on a to use for […]

Essential Oil Blend Recipes by The Urban Spa

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At Urban Spa, we are always striving to find the next level of comfort and relaxation to share with our clients. This month, take the tranquility of a spa day home with you with these amazing essential oil recipe blends put together by our own Jennie Persson. Lemon-Aide 3 drops Lemon 1 drop Peppermint 1 […]

Beauty and the Booze event at Urban Space.

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Nothing boosts self-confidence better than a makeover… and maybe a little wine. Join Urban Spa this month for its first Beauty and the Booze event at Urban Space. Featuring Zao WOW Mini Makeup Tutorials by Urban Spa’s award-winning makeup artists, this evening will combine the positivity of a spa day with the pleasures of wine […]