Meet Our Urbanators

Meet Our Estheticians


The Esthetician Extraordinaire!

Joining Urban Spa in July 2023, Tyla swiftly became an indispensable part of our team as a Guest Reservation Specialist, and now a Level 1 Esthetician. Her diverse skill set in esthetics, lash extensions, and Chinese face mapping illustrates her holistic approach to guest satisfaction.

Whether it’s crafting the perfect set of lash extensions, providing a soothing facial, or delivering a relaxing massage, Tyla’s meticulous attention to detail and passion for wellness shine through. Her expertise in a range of services ensures every guest feels pampered and rejuvenated.

Tyla’s vibrant personality is as colorful as her favorite hue, orange. A fan of the “Shannara” series and “Arcane,” her eclectic taste extends to her favorite movie, “Repo: The Genetic Opera.” Her playful spirit is captured in her favorite saying, “Chop chop little onion,” and her love for diverse cuisines is evident in her fondness for roti.

Away from the spa, Tyla is an avid enthusiast of crochet, video games, anime, painting, and writing. She cherishes family time and dreams of exploring the scenic beauty of Scotland. Resourceful and practical, she would choose her husband, a multi-tool, and a book on medicinal and edible plants for survival scenarios.

Tyla aspires to visit Greece, Scotland, and Norway, experience a shark cage dive, and participate in a craft market. Her unique collection of movie, game, and TV show weaponry, mostly swords, reflects her fascination with various art forms and cultures. Katelyn Davis, a close friend, signifies the importance of deep personal connections in her life.

Dive into a world of comprehensive wellness with Tyla at Urban Spa Peterborough. Experience her wide array of services, from esthetics to relaxation techniques, all delivered with a touch of Tyla’s unique charm and expertise!

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Spa Assistant and Esthetician!

Joining the Urban Spa family in 2021, Lynecho has quickly become an integral part of our team, infusing each guest's experience with her warm and welcoming spirit. As a Spa Assistant and Esthetician, she effortlessly balances both roles, ensuring every guest feels pampered and cared for.

Lynecho’s passion for esthetics shines brightest when she gets to indulge her guests in brow waxes. With meticulous precision, she sculpts brows into perfect arches, leaving guests feeling fabulous and ready to conquer the world.

When it’s time for relaxation, Lynecho finds herself immersed in the magical world of the Harry Potter series. Enchanting adventures and the allure of Hogwarts captivate her imagination and bring joy to her leisure time. Outside the spa, Lynecho embraces her creative side, finding solace in painting and going for nature hikes. The canvas becomes her escape, and the beauty of the outdoors ignites her sense of wonder and exploration.

Let’s delve into her thrilling bucket list – she dreams of traveling to one place every year, igniting her wanderlust and savoring new experiences. Riding in a hot air balloon would be a breathtaking adventure that she longs to cross off her list. And as a true esthetics enthusiast, she aspires to learn as many esthetics services as possible, expanding her expertise and embracing her passion.

A delightful revelation about Lynecho is that she’s a big coffee drinker – finding comfort and joy in each cup that fuels her adventures. Her journey into the world of esthetics began at the tender age of 7, and since then, her love for beauty and pampering has only blossomed. This passion has led her to explore new avenues and embrace her creativity with a fearless heart.

As someone who lives on a farm, Lynecho embodies the spirit of trying new things – embracing life’s adventures and cherishing every moment.

Step into a world of enchantment and beauty with Lynecho at Urban Spa Peterborough. Whether you seek the perfect brow wax or a rejuvenating spa experience, Lynecho’s skillful touch and joyful spirit will leave you feeling pampered and inspired.

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Our Sugaring Specialist & Esthetician Extraordinaire!

Since joining Urban Spa in 2022, Renee has been sprinkling her magic and expertise throughout our sanctuary of beauty and relaxation. As an Esthetician specializing in Alexandria Sugaring, she leaves guests feeling silky smooth and pampered with her gentle touch and skillful techniques.

Among the array of Urban Spa products, Renee’s heart belongs to the Soothing Serum. The heavenly feel, delightful fragrance, and the incorporation of cold stones make it her personal favorite. Boreal, indeed!

When it comes to her favorite treatments to provide, Renee takes joy in both facials and massages. With her caring approach and keen attention to detail, she crafts bespoke experiences that leave guests feeling relaxed and radiant. Outside the spa sanctuary, Renee finds tranquility in her garden, listening to music as she nurtures her plants and blossoms. The harmony of nature and melodies in the air bring her a sense of joy and serenity.

Now, picture Renee on a deserted island, fully prepared with essentials to thrive. Her survival kit would include sunscreen for protection, fresh water for sustenance, and seeds to cultivate her own paradise.
Let’s explore Renee’s thrilling bucket list – she dreams of taking a helicopter ride over something awe-inspiring, feeling the thrill of zip-lining through a lush rainforest, and setting out on a quest to visit all seven wonders of the world.

A fascinating tidbit about Renee is that she used to reside in Kelowna, BC, enjoying the beauty of the West Coast. And as she looks to the future, her heart is set on retiring in the picturesque charm of Nova Scotia.

Step into a world of sugary sweetness and beauty with Renee at Urban Spa Peterborough. Whether you seek a silky smooth sugaring experience or a rejuvenating facial or massage, Renee’s skillful touch and warm spirit will leave you feeling pampered and ready to conquer the world!

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The Beauty Guru!

As an Esthetician, Lead Spa Assistant, and Eyelash Technician, Emma brings a touch of magic to every spa experience. With specialized training in Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lifts, she's an expert in accentuating the beauty of her guests' eyes, leaving them feeling like the stars they are.

Having been with Urban Spa since 2019, Emma has become a cherished part of our family, spreading smiles and radiance wherever she goes. Her passion for beauty and meticulous skills shine through in her work, ensuring each guest feels pampered to perfection.

While she excels in a range of spa services, Emma’s favorite delight is providing the Urban Spa Pedicure – a soothing experience that leaves guests floating on a cloud of relaxation. Her beloved Urban Spa product is the Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub – a skin-transforming wonder that gently removes dull cells, revealing fresh, smooth, and radiant skin that lasts for days!

When it comes to her favorite TV shows, Emma has a thrilling taste for crime dramas, enjoying The Blacklist, Breaking Bad, The Office, and any captivating crime documentaries that keep her on the edge of her seat.

Beyond her work in the spa, Emma has a few delightful secrets. Her indulgence of choice is ketchup chips – a flavorful treat that satisfies her cravings.
One thing Emma can’t resist is her love for plants and animals – a true nature enthusiast who cherishes the beauty of the world around her. On her well-deserved days off, Emma enjoys precious moments with loved ones – being with friends and family, tuning in to thrilling true crime podcasts, and cuddling up with her adorable kitten, Cleo.

Experience the magic of Emma’s talents at Urban Spa Peterborough. Whether you seek a captivating lash transformation, a refreshing spa pedicure, or simply a kind and caring touch, Emma is here to make your beauty dreams come true!

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Our Esthetician!

As a cherished member of Urban Spa since 2020, Shannon brings a warm and welcoming spirit to our sanctuary of beauty and relaxation. As a Esthetician, she delights in ensuring every guest feels cherished and pampered from the moment they step through our doors.

Shannon’s go-to product at Urban Spa is the Olaplex 4P. She raves about its hair-saving powers, “It’s my favorite shampoo for busting the brass between toner appointments, and it leaves my hair feeling strong and healthy!”

When it comes to her personal favorites, Shannon’s heart belongs to “The Little Prince,” a timeless tale that touches her soul with its whimsical charm and profound wisdom.

For those captivating TV moments, she tunes in to the drama-filled world of “90 Day Fiance,” a guilty pleasure that adds excitement to her leisure time.

But let’s not forget her secret indulgence – cheesy romance movies! From swoon-worthy love stories to heartwarming rom-coms, she revels in the heart-melting magic of on-screen love.

Now, picture Shannon stranded on a deserted island. She would take a cozy hammock to relax in, a chic sun hat to bask in the sun’s rays, and a long, captivating book to dive into an unforgettable adventure.

With her caring nature and love for creating memorable experiences, Shannon is the heart and soul of Urban Spa Peterborough. Whether you seek a soothing escape, expert beauty advice, or simply a warm smile to brighten your day, Shannon is here to make your spa experience truly magical!

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The Aromatherapy Guru!

As our lead esthetician with a heart for aromatherapy, Jen, weaves soothing scents and relaxation into every spa experience. Specializing in facials, she brings a touch of magic to each guest, leaving them glowing with renewed radiance.

When it comes to her favorite product, Bathorium Crush – Eucalyptus Apothecary, she can’t help but gush about it. “I love this in the summer for soaking my feet,” she says. “Using only a tablespoon in a foot bath, it softens calluses and eases joint pain, creating a refreshing escape!”

Beyond her spa sanctuary, Jen indulges in her favorite secret pleasure – napping in her cozy hammock. A true relaxation connoisseur! She’s also a culinary magician and delights in cooking, especially for large groups of people. Her ability to create flavorsome dishes adds a sprinkle of joy to every gathering.

Speaking of journeys, Jen has an adventurous spirit and an extensive bucket list. Three dreams close to her heart are to travel to all provinces and territories in Canada, experience the exhilarating view from the basket of a bucket truck, and embark on one more fly-in canoe trip, preferably at Wabakimi Park.
When Jen isn’t busy making her clients feel amazing, she loves spending quality time outdoors, camping, and canoeing with her partner and their beloved doggo. Nature, adventure, and cherished companionship – the perfect recipe for happiness!

Step into a world of aromatic bliss with Jen at Urban Spa Peterborough. Whether you seek a revitalizing facial or an enchanting aromatherapy experience, Jen’s expertise and warm spirit will leave you floating on cloud nine!

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Meet Our Stylists


Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

Luca Flannigan is a multi-talented hairstylist and makeup artist at Urban, known for their specialized training in special effects makeup artistry, creative arts, and advanced hairstyling techniques.

They started their career in March 2024 and have since become a celebrated professional, winning the Queen Elizabeth Bursary, best makeup artistry at Otakuthon, and multiple awards in cosplaying. Luca is a gold medalist in dancing and figure skating, demonstrating their artistic versatility. They offer a wide range of services including haircuts, color, up-dos, makeup applications, and more. Luca is passionate about video games, drawing, and has ambitions of writing a book, directing a movie, and winning an Oscar.

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Our Lead Stylist!

Joining our Urban Spa family in 2019, Serena has been weaving magic through her artistry as the Lead Hair Stylist. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of expertise, she transforms hair into masterpieces that leave our guests feeling like they're walking on cloud nine.

When it comes to her favorite products, Serena swears by the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Healthy Hair Perfector! She gleefully declares, “It’s like a magic potion! Whether it’s damp or dry hair, watch as the cuticles settle, and behold the luscious, healthier-looking locks. And oh, the fragrance? Absolutely divine!”

Now, here’s the spicy twist – beyond her hair-styling prowess, Serena is famous for her bold taste in flavors. She’s known to put Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on everything, giving life a deliciously zesty edge!

Beyond the salon, Serena has a heart for furry friends. On her bucket list, she dreams of adopting a rescue dog to share her life’s adventures. Traveling overseas and honing her skills in the art of blonding are also high on her list. Speaking of travel, Italy beckons her heart, as it’s a promise to her beloved grandfather. La dolce vita awaits!

While she’s not working wonders with hair, Serena’s joy multiplies as she hangs out with her best pals – her loyal dog, Vince, and her charming cat, Don Gato. Together, they create their own cuddly haven of bliss.

When it’s time to unwind, Serena cozies up with her all-time favorite movies – “The Godfather Pt 1” and “She’s All That.” An eclectic mix of cinema taste that mirrors her dynamic personality!

Step into the world of hair enchantment with Serena at Urban Spa Peterborough. Whether you seek a hair transformation or a magical Olaplex Blonding experience, she’s ready to make your hair dreams come true.

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Meet Our Massage Therapists


Registered Massage Therapist!


“The Punisher” of Tension Relief!

As a highly skilled Registered Massage Therapist, Stuart has been an essential member of the Urban Spa family since 2015. Nicknamed 'The Punisher' for his knack for relieving even the toughest knots, he brings a powerful touch and expert knowledge to every massage, leaving guests feeling invigorated and tension-free.

Among the various treatments he provides, Stuart’s heart belongs to the art of deep tissue massages. With a blend of strength and precision, he takes guests on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation, melting away stress and leaving them feeling renewed.

[read more]But let’s uncover a delightful secret about Stuart – he’s a master of jerky-making! With a passion for crafting deliciously savory treats, he enjoys the process of creating his own mouthwatering jerky indulgence.

A fascinating fun fact about Stuart is that he’s red/green color blind. Despite this unique trait, his massage expertise allows him to see the tension in the body and release it with remarkable precision.
Now, let’s explore Stuart’s bucket list dreams – first, he longs to travel to Scotland, where history and stunning landscapes await. Next on his list is a journey to China, to witness the awe-inspiring Great Wall. And finally, he dreams of experiencing the beauty and adventure of Australia.

Outside the spa sanctuary, Stuart finds joy in a range of activities. Video games offer a thrilling escape, while sports ignite his competitive spirit. He also enjoys the thrill of hunting, connecting with nature and its majestic wonders.

Step into the domain of tension relief with Stuart at Urban Spa Peterborough. Whether you seek a powerful deep tissue massage or an adventure in tension relief, Stuart’s skillful touch and warm personality will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to conquer the world!

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Registered Massage Therapist!

As a skilled Registered Massage Therapist, Jessica brings a touch of healing magic to every massage she performs. Her expert knowledge and soothing hands leave guests feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after each session.

Among the array of Urban Spa products, Jessica’s heart belongs to the Purifying Cream. She adores its delightful smell, luxurious texture, and the way it keeps her skin clear and glowing.

Her favorite service to provide is the Boreal Relaxation Treatment, where she guides guests on a sensory journey of tranquility and revitalization. From the soothing aromas to the gentle touch, every moment is pure bliss.

A delightful fun fact about Jessica is that she’s a self-taught Hula Hoop dancer! Her graceful moves and passion for dance add a touch of enchantment to her already charming personality.

When she’s not spreading relaxation in the spa, Jessica enjoys the art of cooking, baking delicious treats, and engaging in invigorating exercise routines. Her love for nourishing both the body and soul shines through in her daily activities.

And if she could pack her bags and jet off to a dream destination, Hungary holds a special place in her heart. The allure of visiting distant family and exploring the rich culture and history captivates her imagination.

Whether you seek a serene massage or a refreshing skincare experience, her expertise and warm spirit will leave you feeling pampered and invigorated.


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Our Masterful Registered Massage Therapist!

With a remarkable journey that began in 2007, Cole has been an integral part of Urban Spa, enriching the lives of guests through the power of massage therapy. As the Lead Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), he brings a healing touch and expert knowledge to every treatment, leaving guests feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

For Cole, the Theratherm Heating Pad is a gem among Urban Spa products. With deep moist heat, it works wonders in reaching all those deep muscle groups, helping to melt away resting muscle tension and providing soothing relief.

When it comes to treatments, Cole’s heart belongs to longer massage sessions. Taking guests on an extended journey of tranquility and healing, he ensures each moment is a delightful escape into bliss. And here’s a quirky secret about Cole – he indulges in icing right out of the container, savoring sweet moments of pure delight.

Beyond his exceptional massage skills, Cole has some fascinating fun facts. He possesses a unique talent for balancing large items on his chin, juggling three apples while casually enjoying one, and playing stringed instruments by ear, creating beautiful melodies that captivate the soul.

When he’s not creating magic through massage, Cole finds joy in singing and strumming his guitar, filling the air with harmonious notes. In the company of friends and family, he gathers around bonfires, sharing stories and laughter under the stars. And if he could choose his ultimate travel destination, it would be Cranberry Portage, Manitoba – his cherished hometown. A place close to his heart, filled with memories and the comfort of home.

Step into a world of relaxation and healing with Cole at Urban Spa Peterborough. Whether you seek a therapeutic massage or an extended blissful escape, Cole’s skillful hands and warm spirit will leave you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud of tranquility.

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Meet Our Guest Reservation Specialists


The Spa Extraordinaire!


The Spa Extraordinaire!


The Spa Extraordinaire!


The Spa Extraordinaire!

As our talented Guest Experience Specialist and Woman of All Trades, Michaela brings a whirlwind of expertise and charisma to every corner of the spa. From greeting guests at the front desk to assisting in spa duties, managing time clocks, handling personal shopping, and providing invaluable support as a personal assistant, there's no task she can't conquer!

With not one but two degrees from Queens in music and teaching, Michaela sure knows how to strike a chord in the hearts of our guests. Her silver-tongued finesse and warm personality create a welcoming atmosphere, leaving everyone feeling right at home.

Her favorite product at the spa is the Redken Max Hold Hairspray – a true essential for any style. Michaela raves about its strong hold without that pesky stickiness, ensuring a flawless look that lasts all day long.

If she could travel anywhere in the world, Australia or Ireland would be her dream destinations.
And in the event of being stranded on a deserted island, Michaela knows just what to bring – her cherished guitar for sweet melodies, trusty hairspray to maintain her style, and of course, pizza – because, as she playfully says, “a girl’s gotta eat!”

Beyond her captivating conversations, Michaela has a flair for baking and decorating cakes, showcasing her artistic talents in and out of the kitchen. As a woman of many facets, she’s equally comfortable all dolled up or in her barn clothes, tending to her four beloved horses.

Despite her extensive expertise, one fascinating fact is that she hasn’t traveled outside of Canada – yet! But with her vibrant spirit and dream of becoming a music teacher for an arts program at a high school, the world is undoubtedly her stage.

Experience the charm and versatility of Michaela at Urban Spa Peterborough. Whether you seek a warm welcome, impeccable service, or engaging conversation, she’s your go-to gal for an unforgettable spa experience!

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