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Over the past months, we at Urban Spa have been thinking to ourselves, “if we are offering an award-winning stress-free experience in Peterborough, shouldn’t we continue innovating our reservation system to reflect that?” We’re pleased to announce that we have done just that with the help of our newest ‘Urbanator’ Mia!

Mia is the The Urban Spa’s newly installed artificial intelligence bot. Completely integrated with our online booking system, Mia can handle the entire reservation booking process from start to finish, either from the Urban Spa website or through text messages as well! 

By clicking the chat window icon at the bottom right corner of an Urban Spa webpage or by texting us at (705) 741-1212, guests will be greeted by Mia. More powerful than the average bot, she not only comes pre-loaded with all of our FAQs, but she also knows what services you’ve had in the past in order to make the booking process a one-click affair for returning guests. Use her to make a reservation, look at upcoming visits and reschedule bookings 24/7. Mia even responds to emojis so be sure to greet her well!

Since Covid, many new guidelines for businesses have been put in place, and because of these added responsibilities, answering the phones has become more and more taxing for us and that’s where Mia makes such a difference. Text support for businesses has recently seen a surge of popularity and it’s with an artificial intelligence helper that we’re able to take full advantage of that change. Rest assured, if you feel your request may be too complicated or you just want to get ahold of a real person, all you need to do is say so and Mia will transfer you to one of us if it’s within business hours.

As a spa in Peterborough, it is vital for us to be able to respond to calls and inquiries as fast as possible, and through embracing our robot overlords, Mia is helping us do

Mia is named after the late and great Mia the Poochie (Poodle/Chihuahua mix)

just that! Mia has already handled more than 10,000 messages — that’s how popular she is!

Regrettably, the only task Mia can’t seem to handle is performing the actual spa services, but that’s what we have our wonderful team of Urbanators for!

Mia receives her namesake from a very special former member of our Urban Paw team. The day she was installed was also the day we sadly lost Mia the Poochie. A loving friend to all of here at the Spa, we’re thrilled to have our little buddy immortalized within our new robot helper who has already lived up to the name with her supportiveness!

Have a chat with Mia today by clicking the chat icon or by texting (705) 741-1212 and see for yourself just how easy our booking process has become!

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