Chemical Peels FAQ

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The Urban Spa in Peterborough is excited to be launching the Eve Taylor Peel treatment line to help our clients take their skin to the next level. Packages vary in price. Advanced peels are custom designed for your skin types and area of concern. This is an advanced treatment series that are books in a package, not individually. In order to qualify for our advanced peels, you will need to have a facial consultation in order for us to properly recommend a treatment package for you. Please call us (705-741-1212) to book your consultation.

1. Why would someone want to get a peel?

* Chemical peels help to repair and rejuvenate the skin. We can help to repair skin damage that cleansers and serums cannot do on their own.

2. What is a Eve Taylor Chemical Peel?
*They are a gentle approach to fighting skin damage through layers of exfoliating peels

3. How is it different from a regular facial?
*A peel is more of a treatment rather than pure relaxation and cleansing of the skin. We can still treat concerns in a facial but a peel is a more direct approach to correct concerns faster without damage

4. How is it different from other chemical peels?
* They are very gentle and do not physically peel the skin. They work with the deeper layers of the skin to provide results rather than causing the skin to flake off.

5. Are there any adverse reactions/side effects to our peels?
*No, even the most sensitive of skins can have and Eve Taylor Peel. Our peels are customized to your skin type so each clients treatment is unique to their skin type and concerns.

6. Can I go back to work after or do I need to take time off?
*You can absolutely go right back you your regular routine. We treat the skin post peel with a gentle soothing masque and SPF to prevent any damage and redness from occurring.

7. What differences will I be able to notice after my 1st treatment, mid way through, and final treatments?
*After your first treatment you will notice your skin appears brighter, sensitive skins will notice less redness and acneic will notice breakouts have calmed down. Midway through your skin will be brighter and clearer, on its way to a balanced skin. After the final treatments your skin will be balance, pigmentation reduced, redness gone and an overall happy skin.

8. Does it hurt?
* It does not hurt but you may feel what we call a ‘stingling’ which is mild stinging or tingling, nothing to be alarmed of. This feeling will subside during your treatment and your Esthetician will ensure you are comfortable.

9. How long will the effects last?
The more you keep up on it, the longer it effects will last for you. With all of our peels we recommend an array of home care treatments to prolong the positive effects.

10. Is there anyone that can not have this treatment and does it interact with any medications other skin care products?
There are a few people that should not have an Eve Taylor Peel treatment. You should avoid this if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Lactaidating
  • Using Retin A (must be off 4 weeks before)
  • Using Accutane (must be off of it for 12 months prior to treatment)
  • Allergic to aspirin (modifications might be available, ask us!)
  • Can’t do it on same day as Botox, waxing or laser hair removal
  • Prone to cold-sores


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