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After the Ford government launched a ‘Made in Ontario’ campaign, looking to reinvigorate the province’s economy by encouraging people to purchase Ontario products and support local businesses, we knew we had to get the word out.

As your favourite spa in Peterborough, it has been nothing short of wonderful serving a community not only within Ontario but specifically in our fine city. We have been so well supported by the Peterborough community, so we want to thank our guests and reassure you that when you purchase products from Urban Spa, you help businesses not just across the country, but locally as well.

Here are just a few of some of the products Urban Spa offers that are sourced directly from within Peterborough:

Urban Spa’s Lavender essential oil

Urban Essential Oil Blends

  • from Lavender to Sweet Orange, choose from more than 10 blends!
  • 10mL of calming, soothing scents to get you through your day


Products used in all of our Seasonal services

  • our Seasonal services are always locally sourced
  • currently, we are offering a complete herbal treatment — back rubs, facials, hair treatment, you name it! 

Next, let’s take a look at some of our products from throughout the province:

Bathorium’s own Charcoal Garden Detox bath soak


  • produced in Ottawa, experience our bestselling product line!
  • revitalize your bath time with these ethically-sourced products


  • an easy-to-use roll-on stick for temporary relief of sore muscles and joints 
  • fast-acting and greaseless 

Refresh It

  • more commonly known as ‘Refresh Sh’t’, experience the power of this all-in-one odour remover!
  • this essential oil three-blend powerhouse promises to remove even the most stubborn of odours while containing only the most natural ingredients

And finally, here’s just a glance at some of the many Canadian products we stock on our shelves here at Urban Spa:

Coal and Canary Candles

  • this premium candle line comes all the way from Winnipeg!
  • these luxurious, hand-made candles are aimed towards the hip and the young


Aroma Pod 

  • sourced from Quebec, use these to attach your favourite scents to any room!
  • simply apply three to five drops of the essential oil of your choice and relax!
  • contains three aroma pods and five refills

We realize it is one of our duties, as a spa in Peterborough, to bring you the best products and services this country can offer. Know that by purchasing from Urban Spa, you are buying local.

Gear up for your next spa day (and feel good by doing it) by heading over to Urban Spa’s products section! Feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and PROUD that you have helped support Canadian businesses.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Booking At This Time:

  1. You can email booknow@urbanspapeterborough.com or text us 705-741-1212 (you can also old fashion call us too!)
  2. You can chat with us on our website (see bottom right of your screen)
  3. You can head over to Urban Spa’s products section online


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