Hair Experiences (Book Now Online)

All hair experiences at The Urban Spa are performed using Redken products, which have been voted #1 hair product in North America. (View our Men’s “MANU” Services).Hair Salons Peterborough

Bang Trim  … $10
Wash & Blo Out – Short … $31 and up
Wash & Blo Out – Long … $41 and up
Women’s Cut & Blo Out – Short … $39 and up
Women’s Cut & Blo Out – Long… $49 and up

Enhancements and Treatments (Book Now Online)

Style Enhancements … $10
Hair Shot
… $20

This is an amazing add on service that comes with a 15 min scalp massages, and a specialized serum added to help from either softening your hair, helping the colour be its best, or to help repair damaged hair

Colour Services (Book Now Online)

All of our Colour Services come with a Blo-out so you can leave looking your best!

Colour Roots Only with Blo out… $86 and up
Colour Roots to End with Blo out … $109 and up
Colour Roots with Parital Highlights (11-30 foils) … $129 and up
Colour Roots with Full Highlights (31+ foils) … $139 and up
Partial Highlights (11 – 30 foils) … $109 and up
Full Highlights (31+ foils) … $139 and up
Balayage  … $149 and up

Enhancements for Colour Services (Book Now Online)

Less than 10 foils … $10 per foil
Cut Add on
… $20
Hair Consultation …$30 and up

For those looking for a specific Colour or style and would like to discuss your options and needs.  Please bring with you any photos or current products to discuss – If a Colour Service is booked and received, the full value of the consulation will be deducted from the Colour reservation at the end of that service.

Colour Correction, Advanced Colouring – Olaplex, Ombre, Baby Lights, etc  …$100 per hour

*Please be aware this service may take longer than usual depending on the service and processes needed!  Approximate price will be determined after a consultation, prior to starting service.

Special Occasions

Partial Updo… $55 and up (Book Now Online)
Full Updo … $90 and up (Book Now Online)
Hair Trials … $60 per hour (Book Now Online)


Make up Applications

Makeup Lesson… $35 (Book Now Online)

Using Mirabella Makeup we will teach you how to best colour match and the products that are best for your skin. Learn how to apply all aspects of your makeup routine!

Makeup Application… $45 (Book Now Online)

Whether for a night out or your wedding we will customize a makeup application just for you! Bring photos and ideas of what you’d like for your appointment.

Lash Extensions

This revolutionary new service extends your natural eyelashes and draws attention to your eyes.  Semi-permanent eyelash extensions give you longer, thicker and natural looking eyelashes. Book with one of our Certified Lash Technicians today!

Full Set…  $140 (Book Now Online)

A full set of lashes includes 45-60 lashes per eye. The lashes come in a variety of lengths, curls and thicknesses for a custom look!

Partial Set… $70  (Book Now Online)

A partial set of lashes includes 25-35 lashes per eye. This is a great way to create a natural look while adding some length and volume to your existing lashes.

Lash Fill… $45-$85 and up (Book Now Online)

We recommend that you have your lashes filled every 3-4 weeks to maintain the dimensions and look of your application. Cost of Lash Fill is determined based on lashes remaining and amount to be added.
For 20-30 lashes to add… $45 (Book Now Online)
For 30-40 lashes to add… $65 (Book Now Online)
For 40-50 lashes to add… $85 (Book Now Online)

Emergency Removal
… $75 (Book Now Online)

All lash extensions that are applied by The Urban Spa come with a complimentary removal. The $75 fee for emergency removal is for us to remove lashes that were applied by another party.

**PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer accept clients who had their full sets applied by other salons/individuals for fills. We apologize for the inconvenience, but with the sudden surge of unqualified individuals attempting to do this service, we are seeing an increasing amount of damaged lash applications.

As a result, we cannot in good faith work “on top” of these lashes. If you are having a bad experience with those lashes, please schedule a professional removal. A full removal will stop your lashes from shedding in clumps– leaving you with bald spots. If you would like a proper, full set applied immediately after removal, please schedule an appointment for that as well.

Prepaid Packages

Full Set of Lashes & First Fill… $215 (Book Now Online)

Your full set will include 40-50 lashes per eye.

Partial Set of Lashes & First Fill… $100 (Book Now Online)

Your partial set will include 20-30 lashes per eye.

Emergency Removal & Full Set$175 (Book Now Online)

Receiving an Emergency Removal of lash extensions applied by another party, immediately followed by a Full Set of lash extensions by The Urban Spa will save you half the cost of your Emergency Removal.

Brow Shaping… $10 (Book Now Online)

This is a special promotion that is offered if the brow shaping is received on the same day as your lash extensions. It is the perfect way to complete your look and perfect your eyes!