Northern Frost Back Scrub

This 45-minute treatment combines the exfoliating properties of our in-house made Northern Frost sugar scrub with the relaxing benefits of a Swedish massage. Our winter blend is a mix of eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and mandarin which, together, will transport you to a winter wonderland. The scrub sloughs away your dry winter skin, hot towels warm and cleanse, and our Northern Frost body butter deeply nourishes your skin, to leave you soft, smooth, and ready for the winter weather ahead.

45 minutes – $88 (RMT Upgrade +$5)

The Urban Spa

Northern Frost Facial

This 45-minute facial is designed with the cold winter air in mind! We combine the freshness of peppermint and eucalyptus mixed with the subtle woody scent of rosemary and a hint of sweet mandarin with an exfoliating hand scrub and the benefits of cold stone Boreal facial massage. We’ll customize your experience with our Eve Taylor skincare line, first exfoliating away any dryness left over from the changing seasons, then plumping your skin with hydration to combat the drying indoor air. Anyone feeling sluggish during this cold and flu season will appreciate the cold stone facial massage, which reduces redness and calms inflamed sinuses. While your face soaks in the benefits of your facial mask, we’ll treat your hands to a hot towel exfoliation and massage using our made in-house Northern Frost sugar scrub and finish with our Northern Frost body butter to leave your skin soft, smooth and deeply nourished.

*Does not include extractions

45 minutes -$90

The Urban Spa Peterborough

Northern Frost Pedicure

Beginning with our fresh and uplifting foot soak to warm your toes and delight your senses, our Northern Frost pedicure will keep your feet hydrated and looking great for the cold winter months. We continue with our exfoliating Northern Frost sugar scrub handmade in-house! You’ll have your cuticles re-hydrated and repaired, and we will reshape your nails. We then relax your feet and legs with a massage using our Northern Frost body butter! We complete the service with your choice of regular polish from our wide assortment of colours.

60 Minutes – $70 (Callous Removal +$7)

The Urban Spa Peterborough

Northern Frost Manicure

Our expert estheticians will shape your nails, re-hydrate and repair your cuticles. You will then enjoy a Hot Towel Hand Exfoliation using our house-made Northern Frost sugar scrub. We continue this experience by applying our Artistic Gel polish on your nails, with over 150 colours to choose from! We then finish off this deeply relaxing experience with a nourishing hand and arm massage using our Northern Frost body butter!

45 Minutes – $63

The Urban Spa Peterborough

Northern Frost Deep Conditioning
Hair Treatment

This hair service combines a relaxing scalp massage featuring our Northern Frost aromatherapy blend with a deep conditioning hair treatment to leave you feeling good and looking great!

We begin with a soothing scalp massage, treating your senses to the delightful aroma of our Northern Frost essential oil blend. The eucalyptus and peppermint give a freshness reminiscent of a breath of cool winter air and freshly fallen snow. Rosemary imparts a subtle woodsy scent, while mandarin provides a subtle sweetness in this blend, which works to gently support you during the cold season, and perk you up when you’re feeling sluggish. While you relax in the hair chair, our expert stylist will assess your hair type and choose the Redken mask best suited to you – either adding protein to strengthen distressed hair or adding moisture to soften and boost shine. After the mask works its magic, your hair will be washed, dried and styled to your preference, using our professional quality Redken products. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and looking your best!

This treatment is available on its own, or it makes the perfect ending to a spa day! Book it with any other services from our Seasonal Menu to save money on your Seasonal Escape!

60 minutes – $56 Short Hair / $66 Long Hair

The Urban Spa Peterborough
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