Prenatal Massage Therapy @ The Urban Spa (Video)

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Congratulations! You’re having a baby after nine calendar months filled with happiness and anticipation of the new one. However, motherhood can also add stress to your system leading to new aches and pains. Consider prenatal massage as a sensible way to alleviate your discomfort.

Prenatal therapeutic massage works to release your muscles, lower joint pain, reduce bloating and improve blood circulation. If you’ve ever had a massage therapy treatment, you understand how far better you are feeling after just one session.

Great Things About Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy is undoubtedly a healthy treatment for women who are pregnant. Regular prenatal massages can reduce slight issues associated with being pregnant, such as painful joints, headaches, sinus congestion, swollen feet and hands, insomnia, neck pain, lower leg cramping and sciatica. Get endorsement from your obstetrician prior to scheduling prenatal massages. When you have a brief history of high-risk pregnancies, early labor, diabetes, severe morning sickness, high blood pressure or abdominal pain and bleeding, you may well not be a good candidate.

Pregnant-massageThings to Consider Before and During Prenatal Massage

Do not suppose your regular therapist can do prenatal massages. You need to choose a massage therapist who’s passionate about prenatal massages. If you’re still uncertain about your decision, require a set of patient personal references and check each one.

As cheap and convenient as it can seem to be, don’t allow your good friend or spouse to offer a therapeutic massage. While there are a large number of online instructional guides on prenatal massage, the techniques should only be performed by a trained professional. Authorized prenatal massage therapists recommend side-lying treatments. Be skeptical when a therapist insists on positioning you on your back. This may put undue pressure on the placenta and reduce blood circulation.

Finally, if a specific massage technique is too painful, inform the therapist immediately. Prenatal therapeutic massage should be considered a comfortable experience. Discomfort and pain will cause the muscles to tense up, which defeats the goal of the treatment.

Additional Help

Proper prenatal massage techniques will go a long way in increasing your health and comfort levels during pregnancy. Right now, you have discovered what you ought to find out about prenatal massages. Book an appointment now to try out The Urban Spa Prenatal Massage! You can book online 24/7 or call us 705-741-1212

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