Introducing The Urban Paw

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The Urban Spa is launching it’s own new charity initiative dubbed, The Urban Paw. In collaboration with the Peterborough Humane Society, The Urban Spa will be giving Urban Club Points in exchange for valued pet supplies. You can see below the list of supplies requested by The Peterborough Humane Society and the point value The Urban Spa will be gifting to you when you bring in one (or more) of these items ūüôā

  1. Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pads -> 215 Urban Club Points
  2. Dog Cones  for Post Surgery-> 125 Urban Club Points
  3. Puzzle Bowls -> 100 Urban Club Points
  4. Dog Beds -> 75 Urban Club Points
  5. Ear Cleaner For Pets -> 75 Urban Club Points
  6. Kongs -> 60 Urban Club Points
  7. Cat Bed, Dry Cat/Dog Food, Raw Hide Bones, Non-Clumping Unscented Cat Litter, Dog/Cat Treats, Dog/Cat Toys (cleaned), Nail Clippers -> All 50 Urban Club Points
  8. Canned Dog/Cat Food, 6 Pack Paper Towels -> 25 Urban Club Points

*If donating gently used/previously enjoyed items, please ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned and ready to be used their new owners at time of donation ūüôā

As a member of the The Urban Club you will then be able to redeem your points for FREE Spa Services including gift cards. If you don’t know what our Urban Club is all about, click here to read more.

You will also be able to gift your points to The Peterborough Humane Society at which time, The Urban Spa will cut a cheque on your behalf.

Below is a list of all the fur-babies that work “at” The Urban Spa. In making this list realized, we have more pets then humans who work @ The Urban Spa. We’d like to introduce to you the furry creatures in our lives who have inspired us to create our latest charitable initiative #UrbanPaw! 🐾

Sneakers (Parents: Kerri & JG)
Oreo (Parents: Kerri & JG)spas in peterborough
Shoxy (Parents: Jennifer)
 Maya (Parents: Jennie)
Clover (Parents: Jennie)
Piper (Parents: Cole)

 Jude (Parents: Cole)
Robin (Parents: Mélanie Dubois)

 Shiloh (Parents: Sarah R)
Mittens (Parents: Lauren)
Fletcher (Parents: Lauren)
Wednesday (Parents: Lauren)
Jasper (Parents: Melanie Deighton)
Belle (Parents: Amy)
Ted (Parents: Amy)
Penny (Parents: Lisa)
Jack (Parents: Jessica)
Jack (Parents: Kristen)
Kit (Parents: Kristen)
Lucy (Parents: Kristen)
Willy (Parents: Kristen)
Scout (Parents: Hailey)
Cookie (Parents: Samantha)
Lexi (Parents: Samantha)
Mao Mao (Parents: Samantha)

This charitable initiative is done in collaboration with The Peterborough Humane Society. For more information about them, please visit:

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