Introducing Lisa Wardle!

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peterborough spaWe have recently added a wonderful new Registered Massage Therapist to the Urban Spa team and, as always, we wanted our guests to get to know her 🙂

She is looking forward to meeting you all as you come into the spa! Please join us in welcoming Lisa Wardle 🙂

1. Name: Lisa Wardle
2. Nicknames: Leese, Squirt, Wardle, Paige (no that’s not my middle name lol)
3. Favourite Colour: I know it’s cliché girly, but I just love pink!
4. Hobbies, what do you like to do if not working: Dance, Snowboarding, Wake Surfing, Boating, Hiking, Playing with my dog Penny, Anything active really… Oh and I love to cook ☺
5. Fun fact about myself: I am a lover of playing games… board games, card games, escape rooms, I recently tried axe throwing which I also enjoyed!
6. Favourite Movie: I could watch the movie Elf over and over!
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I have this deep desire to travel to all of the places that penguins inhabit. They are my favourite animal!
8. Favourite Urban Spa service to give (one only): Well massage, of course!
9. Favourite Urban Spa service to receive (one only): I am going to have to go with massage again on this one.
10. Favourite Book: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
11.  TV show you can’t live without: Scandal… Olivia Pope is just so great!
12.  If you were stuck on an island what would be the one thing you’d want with you!: A portable water filtration system
13.  Secret Indulgence: Going to the gym just to sit in the sauna and not actually working out hahaha
14.  Did you go to school for anything else besides this career – even if you decided to switch to another career option: I have a Business Degree, but sitting behind a desk just wasn’t for me.
15.  Give 3 items on your bucket list:
1. Live somewhere sunny and warm year round
2. Visit all the penguin habitats (I know I said that earlier, but it’s applicable to both questions)
3. Write a book

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