Introducing Lauren Graham!

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peterborough spaWe have recently added another wonderful Esthetician to the Urban Spa team and, as always, we wanted our guests to get to know her 🙂 She is looking forward to meeting you all as you come into the spa! Please join us in welcoming Lauren Graham 🙂

Since I was a little girl I enjoyed creating my own beauty products such as lip balms, bath bombs, soaps and lotions. This creativity sparked my interest in the spa community and inspired me to learn more about Esthetics. I am honored to be a part of The Urban Spa team!  I am passionate about esthetics because I believe it is important for everyone to take the time to unwind and give back to themselves because everyone deserves to be pampered.

1. Name: Lauren Graham
2. Nicknames: Wren
3. Favourite Colour: ORANGE!!!
4. Hobbies, what do you like to do if not working: Knitting, crocheting, singing and baking  
5. Fun fact about myself: I am a walking Encyclopedia for unique animal facts
6. Favourite Movie: Howl’s Moving Castle 
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Newfoundland, the people are wonderful, the landscape is gorgeous and I love puffins
8. Favourite Urban Spa service to give (one only): Seasonal pedicure
9. Favourite Urban Spa service to receive (one only): Relaxation massage
10. Favourite Book: Wuthering Heights
11.  TV show you can’t live without: Doc Martin
12.  If you were stuck on an island what would be the one thing you’d want with you!: A boat
13.  Secret Indulgence: A pajama day
14.  Did you go to school for anything else besides this career – even if you decided to switch to another career option: Yes, I received my HBSc from the University of Guelph and my major was Zoology
15.  Give 3 items on your bucket list:
1. See the Northern Lights
2. Walk among the penguins in Antarctica
3. Go to the Galapagos Islands to observe Darwin’s finches

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