Announcing Urban Space, The Re-definition of Urban

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**SNEAK PEEK* Urban Space will have concrete textures… Coming soon

By now, we hope you’ve heard the news! The Urban Spa is expanding into a whole new business. The business will be called URBAN SPACE and just like The Urban Spa we will re-invent the way business is done in our industry.

**NOTE** The Urban Spa will NOT be moving. The Urban Spa will continue to operate at 388 Rogers St. in east city Peterborough.

Our Story: In 2013, when The Urban Spa was established we shook the very foundation of the spa business. We were the only spa to offer such long hours of operations, open 7 days a week, live online booking through our website and through our facebook page, text message appointment management, a curated menu of experiences all crafted in-house, custom blends of essential oils, FREE lattes, espresso and coffee, a timeless space that nurtured the soul and a business culture that inspired the team to deliver a perceptional experience.

All of this added up to The Urban Spa delivering an experience where people didn’t feel like a number. The Urban Spa is in the people business, we just happen to offer spa experiences and we will continue to be Peterborough’s favourite spa (as voted by our amazing guests).

Our Next Step: What we’re doing with Urban Space is taking the concept of a perceptional experience and blowing it up. We believe to be the best we need to continue to innovate. As such, we are reinventing ourselves from the ground up. A month ago we launched Join The Journey which reveals the step-by-step progress of Urban Space as we undertake the construction of a new space, the reinvention of our business and re-definition of what Urban means.

Your Next Step: Join The Journey and stay in touch as we launch this amazing new initiative that will leave people inspired to experience more of life.


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