Time For You To Come Home!

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Editor’s Note: **If you’ve visited our spa before and know someone who should apply, please pass this along**

In the coming weeks you will see some VERY, SUPER DUPER, AWESOME news concerning The Urban Spa and a prestigious award we’ve recently won. We’ve been sworn to secrecy so the best we can do is tease you now but soon you get all the details, I promise! (We’re so excited!)

One of the reasons we won this award is our amazing team. We’ve been VERY picky as to who works at The Urban Spa. We believe our team is our greatest asset and our organization’s culture demands peak performance. You can feel it the moment you walk through the door. People tell us all the time, “There is something different about you (The Urban Spa) but I can’t put my finger on it”… here’s the answer.

Our team loves coming to work. They look forward to coming to work and serving our guests. They are excited about growing, learning, laughing and serving. They bring their positive energy and that’s what you are feeling. Voila I just revealed our secret 🙂

We’ve been at this now for three years plus and the community has noticed because we’ve grown from a new concept to Peterborough’s fastest growing spa, to award winning very quickly.

Well, we are growing again and we’re actively seeking team members (Click here for a list). There are many people who work in the spa industry and they like to ‘dabble’. For them it’s a “job”. If that’s the case, don’t come to The Urban Spa, you won’t be happy here.

We want people who are Career focused. Who want to serve this marvellous community. Who want to continually learn and grow themselves and their skills. We are looking for those who want to be part of our movement.

Check out the openings at The Urban Spa… click here.


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