Best Spa Award Winner by ThreeBest Rated

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A spa is where you expect deluxe treatment and The Urban Spa gives you that and more. Winning the “ThreeBest Rated” award for Best Spa in Peterbourough, The Urban Spa met the rigorous 50-Point Inspection which thoroughly determines an establishment’s history, client reviews, satisfaction levels, complaints, clients’ trust levels, and costs among other important details which make a spa the best.


Located in 388 Roger Street, Peterborough, Ontario, The Urban Spa has been in the health and wellness business since 2013. For seven years now, The Urban Spa has consistently served over 20,000 clients who have been treated to nothing short of the best pampering experience. It is for this reason that they keep coming back for more of the same lush treatment. During the first five years of operation, The Urban Spa worked with award-winning stylists and aestheticians, and won over 40 awards.


Imagine yourself inside a modern and chic health and wellness environment. This is your happy place where you can leave your worries out the doorstep. The team intuitively takes care of your needs and offers anything else you may benefit from and enjoy. Each day, everyone inside the spa strives for excellence and making a positive difference in your life.


Anything but traditional, the European interiors are clean yet edgy, giving off a modern minimalist vibe, allowing you to focus on your relaxation. From the music to the interiors, The Urban Spa will surely elevate your wellness experience.


Apart from exceptional service and interiors, did you know that The Urban Spa offers treats such as a free cut with any color and free eyebrow waxing? It’s these little things and attention to detail that have allowed The Urban Spa to win the Best Spa Award from ThreeBest Rated. Going above and beyond what is expected from a place offering health and wellness services, The Urban Spa continuously improves and finds way to deliver excellence. Excellence that you will keep coming back to for more.