We have boiled it down to 4 major reasons why we are different.

1. We’re cool and we aren’t a stuffy spa (you know what I’m talking about). We have a very modern, hip, cool and awesome vibe to our spa. We don’t try to copy others, we strive to be as unique as you are so you can be yourself.

2. We strive to provide a PERCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE. What the heck is that, right? It’s a word we invented in order to define exactly what we’re trying to do which is to deliver a personal and exceptional spa experience; that’s Perceptional. How do we achieve this? You will see when you visit us. We don’t have clients or customers, we have guests and we don’t provide services, we provide experiences. We’ve invested in the most luxurious coffee and latte machines which truly serve a cup above and we provide curated-music and curated-scent which beautifully enhances your experiences (you will see!). We also have a super-awesome online booking system which allows you to book appointments 24/7 and believe it or not we have humans answer our phones (assuming they aren’t on the other line with another guest). This all leads us to being Perceptional.

3. We’re Peterborough’s fastest growing spa having served over 13,000 guests since we opened in 2013 and over 72% of those guests have been referred by other guests indicating our awesomeness.

4. We’ve won countless awards from the Peterborough community over the last few years. From Peterborough’s Favourite Spa, to Massage Therapist (Cole Leptick), Esthetician (Jennifer Cowey and Mataya Spellman), Favourite Hair Stylist (Sara McFeeters), to Favourite all around Manicure/Pedicure, the list just goes on.

Ultimately though it’s all about the team at The Urban Spa. You will notice that we don’t just ‘hire’ people. We find THE BEST in the city and because we have such a great environment and such an awesome spa, they want to join us at 
The Urban Spa so our team is truly a collection of Peterborough’s best service providers. However, these are just words that you’re reading on your smartphone or computer. When you visit us, you will experience what being Perceptional is all about.

I’ll see you soon!
Kerri Holley
Proud Owner, The Urban Spa