24th Annual Peterborough Examiner Reader’s Choice Awards!

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Peterborough is a pretty amazing little community filled with wonderful people and businesses which are recognized every year by Peterborough Examiner as we vote for our favourite restaurants, travel agents, grocery stores, spas, and everything in between!

Not only does this give us the opportunity to recognize the incredible work these people and businesses do every day, but also helps to promote their goods and services to other locals who may be in need.

Nominations have already started and we encourage you to participate! You can start nominating now by clicking here. The top ten from each category will be selected and will move forward and voting will begin on July 16th.

In the spirit of thanks, we would like to take a moment to give our team a huge shout out. You are some of the most amazing people and it is a pleasure every day to work by your side! I cannot tell you enough how much each and every one of you means to me! Thank you, Urbanators! 🙂


Jennifer Cowey

Sarah Reid

Mitch Johnson

Mataya Spellman

Alexandra Yake

Shaelyn O’Marra


Hair Stylists

Amanda Galbraith

Sara McFeeters


Registered Massage Therapists

Cole Leptick

Jennie Persson

Jessica Pilon

Stuart Bell

Lisa Wardle


Lash Technicians

Taylor Drake

Stacey Walker


Guest Reservation Specialists

Samantha Zimmer

Taylor Drake

Stacey Walker

Alysha Whiteside

Nicole Kelly


Spa Assistants

Michaela Heatherington

Tyler Leavitt

Chase Petersen


Again, thank you! You make every day worth it! <3

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